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Thursday Thoughts-CBD Book Recommendation

Wishing to expand your current knowledge on CBD? Not looking to surf the web, filtering through advertisements and the risk of unreviewed information? This week's blog post may be of interest to you!

As an element of our Thursday Thoughts, we at Merkabah Labs wanted to share with you one of our favorite reads for learning more about CBD. Gretchen Lidicker's CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets: A Lifestyle Guide to Hemp-Derived Health and Wellness is a great source for not only CBD information, but also fun and useful tips on how to utilize it everyday!

Lidicker is an expert in the health and wellness field and has spent a considerate amount of time collaborating with doctors and researchers. She is passionate about alternative healing as well as CBD and that drove her to write this book. CBD Oil: Everyday Secrets includes background information, history, common misconceptions, recipes, and so much more truly valuable information on CBD.

View a preview of her book here (click Look Inside):  CBD Oil Everyday Secrets

Or look at Lidicker's website for more author information:

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