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You may have heard about the craze surrounding MCT oil recently. Or maybe you are unfamiliar with it and are unsure of what exactly it is. Regardless of where you are at with information, after reading this you should know more about MCT oil, why it is used in CBD products, and the potential health benefits it possesses. 


What exactly is MCT oil?

MCT stands for medium chain triglyceride. In more simple terms, a medium length chain of fatty acid cells. MCT oil is most commonly extracted from coconuts, but it can be found in select dairy products like cheese, yogurt, and also palm kernels. For reference, some examples of what foods would be classify as a LCT (or long chain triglyceride) are olive oil, various types of nuts, avocado, soybean, fish and meat. LCTs are processed much differently in the body than MCTs.


Why exactly would you want to learn more about MCT oil?

If you are familiar with Merkabah Labs’ CBD oil tinctures, MCT oil is one of the primary ingredients. We use MCT oil derived from coconuts. As a matter of a fact, majority of CBD tinctures on the market contain MCT oil. MCT oil in CBD products is used essentially as a carrier. CBD, a cannabinoid is fat soluble-meaning it is processed and stored with fats.

When CBD is combined with fats, the absorption process is extremely effective. With MCT oil in specific, CBD absorption occurs rapidly. MCT oil is easily digestible and simple for the human body to process, ultimately increasing the timeliness and effectiveness of absorption. Different from LCTs, MCT does not need stomach bile to be broken down, and can be used by the body almost right away as an energy source, rather than having to be stored away for future use.


What are some of the benefits of MCT oil?

It can support a healthy body weight, improve brain function, and maintains digestive/ gut health. Due to the body process involved in breaking down MCT, it can also be a great alternative to providing your body with the healthy fats it needs, without the fat storage that a LCT can promote. 


It is a common misconception when first seeing MCT on an ingredients list to be unsure, but now with this information when you do come across it, you can be assured it is a healthy ingredient for your body. 

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