We Ship to 50 States + 240 countries worldwide

How it works:

Use your unique coupon code in your emails, website, blog, Facebook, or any other social media source. For every person who uses your code when making a purchase, you receive a 20% commission of that sale.  We also will pay an additional 5% commission of any second tier sales.  That means that if you refer someone to our affiliate program, you'll earn a commission on any sales they drive.

You do not need to purchase any merchandise to earn the 20% commission, however if you would like to earn more money, you can purchase any products for 40% off retail price.  You cannot price these products for resale above our set retail price, however you can sell at any discount price that you would like.  We are proud of our ability to keep our prices so low, and don't want people to see prices that don't reflect that. The minimum order is $500.

We pay out the commission payments monthly and via PayPal, and only once your commissions have reached $30.  If you earn less than $30, your balance will be rolled over into the following month and so on, until you reach $30.

 To get started, send an email to  In the email, please include your PayPal linked email, your name, and a little information about yourself.